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We help in the purchase or sale of your property, offering a personalized, transparent and full trust, in this way is how we get the maximum satisfaction of our customers. Also thanks to the high qualification of our professionals simultaneously perform the legal work arising from the activities of buying and selling of property, in this way we drastically reduce the cost of doing so do each processed with different brokers.
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Sale of property.

  • We actively seek buyers for your property without any kind of commitment and adjusting to your needs.
  • Purchase of property

  • Looking for property? Give us your preferences such as area, price characteristics of the construction, environment, type of neighborhood and we do the rest, we will find those properties that best suit your tastes.
  • Not only we managed seller or buyer or the legal procedures. "Business solutions" go even farther, we help you on your installation in your new home with the most common procedures, electric company, internet, payment of municipal taxes, everything you need to get your home ready to enjoy.


  • Both the sale and purchase of properties have tax implications. Feitax Consulting Center will advise on which the best options on fiscal field when buying or selling a property. If you want to learn more about what kind of taxes are involved in the buying and selling property we recommend you visit our tab "non residents" where we have a little guide on tax rates in Spain.